​​​​(Daily Rental till 8am - 6pm)


($225 With Cottage Rental)

($250Without Cottage)

  1. You Will be Required to Present the Office with a VALID Boat License to Operate All Below Listed Pontoons ((A Boat License Can Be Obtained Online))
  2. If Planning to Catch Fish, a Fishing License is Required
  3. If You Don't have a Fishing License, You Can apply for a Temporary Fishing License ONLINE Before Your Boat Rental/Stay with Us

ALL Boats MUST be Returned to the Resort and Docked NO LATER than 6pm 

  • Ice and Worms are Available for Purchase on Site

ALL Pontoon Boats are Equipped with an Emergency Kit:

  • Whistle 
  • Flares
  • Flash Light

Please Bring Your Own Life Jacket if You Have One  OR  We Will Provide a Life Jacket for You Depending on Your Size
(We Have a Limited Supply)

 (ALL Rates are Subject to 13% H.S.T.)
(ALL Rates are 
NOT Including Cost of Gas or Oil)

Gas and Oil Are Accounted for Before Departure and Will Be Checked, Upon Arrival Back at the Resort


 Every Motor is Different...  Please DO NOT Use Your own Gas or Oil, as We Have to Blend a Perfect Mixture 

of  Gas & Oil for the Make and Size of your Motor  

Please Note: 

You are Responsible for ANY Damages Done to the Boat including the Propeller

              Please Examine Your Boat Before Departure and Report any Damages to the Office 

PLEASE NOTE: To Operate ANY Pontoon in the Province Of Ontario YOU MUST HAVE a VALID Boat License
​ If  You Do NOT have a Boat License, We Have Plenty of Fishing boats for Your Fishing enjoyment

If You Plan on Catching any Fish, A VALID FISHING LICENSE is Required in the Province of Ontario 
(Which can be Obtained Online)